Reaching Rank 111 In Battlefield 4 Changes Your Battlelog Rank to Level 00

battlelog rank 00

The recent patch fixed a lot of bugs in battlefield 4 but with every patch we can expect new bugs. After reaching rank 111 it will show up in Battlelog as level 00. Battlelog is not updated to display the new ranks. It will be patched on March 11.

From the Battlelog forum: "Battlelog currently isn’t able to display Ranks above 110, and we have an update rolling out on Mar 11 that will fix this."
Here is a list with all the new bugs, ninja tweaks, server configs and undocumented changes from Reddit
  • TDM NO Sound Bug - Starts after one team reaches 100 kills. Seems to only be on extended ticket settings.
  • No kill cards in Hardcore
  • AR160 Underbarrel m320 Visual Bugs - AR160 is not showing its long reload animation.
  • Killcam showing incorrect information about who killed you
  • Laser dots still getting stuck
  • Jet cannons not doing damage to other jets and the gunship seems more prevalent.
  • V40 Mini is severely nerfed in damage to the enviornment. No longer can take down fences etc
  • hand flare falls under the floor in operation locker
  • You can't cycle through spectating teammates on defuse anymore.
  • borderless window is still broken
Ninja Tweaks
  • Possible L85A2 RPM nerf from 800 to 750
  • Javelin buff from 25 to 34 damage
  • Hardcore, the MLRS & Mortar have a crosshair on the map, Attack Jet JDAM also has a crosshair.
  • Aim reticle in attack and stealth jets is now fixed in the center. HUD more bold.
  • The supply drop actually is usable and doesn't get stuck in the skybox in Locker.
  • Emergency repairs for scout heli is now removed
  • UCAV properly shows up in the killfeed
  • DAO12 has possible significant nerf
  • defibs now charge faster
  • new vehicle disable mechanic: previously if a vehicle is reduced to 10% or lower, it'd start burning up and behave like BF3 disabled mechanic. if you repair them past 10%, they'll stop burning up and recover normally. now there's a new variable called "ClearDisabledDamageThreshold", which is generally set 50% higher than the disabled threshold. this means that for a MBT or IFV, to get them to stop burning up, you have to repair them past 15%.
  • AS VAL damage nerf: min damage 17->16. the AS VAL is now a 7 hit kill at long range.
  • AS VAL bullet velocity nerf: 320->300
  • MTAR reload buff: tactical reload 2.5->2.4
  • MTAR bullet velocity nerf: 570m/s->540m/s, 320m/s->310m/s suppressed
  • F2000 suppressed bullet velocity nerf: 380m/s->310m/s
  • F2000 1.6x sight adjustment: now can be affected by FOV scaling
  • F2000 laser sight fixed: now properly aligned
  • F2000/bullpup ARs still have buggy ADS strafe speed ironsights on F2000 now has fast ADS strafe. RDS still moves slow. not sure about other bullpup ARs.
  • M60E4 bullet velocity nerf (inb4 vip3r) 610->560, 380->310 suppressed
  • GOL ROF nerf: 63->60
  • DAO-12 is now bad: ROF 220->200 flechette pellet spread 2.5->3.0 flechette pellet count 12->9
  • zuni rocket shenanigans: buff to attack chopper zunis also affects every vehicle that can equip zunis. this includes IFVs, MAAs, FACs. at least, i think it does, since there is only one version of zuni projectile in the files direct damage: 30->40. 33% increased damage on direct impactDERP
  • "umm... wrong vehicles, DICE!" MBTs now have 3x their track friction. MBT drifting should now be impossible. nope, still slides. however, they now climb hills a lot better. DICE was supposed to change friction of wheeled vehicles like IFVs, since they have almost no hill climbing ability
  • MP7 changes: bullet velocity 470->420, 280->260 suppressed tactical reload 2.6->2.5 long reload 3.0->2.9
  • Live scoreboard is broken (again) at least for conquest.
  • If you turn level 111, then your BL rank is 00.
Server Settings
  • Changing Vehicle Spawn % now makes server Custom
  • It seems changing any setting that did not make it Custom, now makes it Custom. RoundTime, ModeCounter, etc. (Confirmed by GSP's that DICE has confirmed this as a new bug.)
Post your new patch experiences here or let us know in the comments below.


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